Friday, January 30, 2009

Contour Lines

1.) Immediate Response: My immediate response after looking at this picture is that I like how the rocks almost have a glowing look to them. What stands out to me the most is the slanted lines of the rock.

2.) Objective Description: The photo in front of me is of a sandstone rock. The dried brush in the background sets a complimentary backdrop to the sandstone. The color of the sandstone almost adds a glow to the sandstone and the out of focus foreground adds emphasis to the center of the photo which shows the downward slant of the sandstone.

3.) Formal Matters: The real line quality of this photo is depicted in the middle of the photo in the sandstone rock. The color is a glowing yellow color. 

4.) This photo's "story" is all about simplicity. 

5.) I think this photo connects with Honore Daumier's photo's because the main emphasis is on one object as is the picture that I selected. 

Friday, January 23, 2009


1.) My immediate response: What I noticed first in this picture is the movement that the girl is making as she makes her way closer to the camera. The affect that this photo has on me would be that it makes me feel light hearted and comfortable. 

2.) In front of me there is a sand bank that leads down to iced over water. The sand is a little rough and is accompanied by rocks and clotted up dirt. In the distance there is a guy standing casually with one hand in his pocket and the other hand is relaxed at his side. He looks laid back and has a smile on his face. In the foreground there is a girl taking long strides towards the camera, almost as if she were trying to sneak up on the person taking the photo. She has a mischievous smile on her face and you can almost tell that her intentions are all out of good fun. 

3.) The composition of this photo is well put together. Everything seems to fit together well in the photo. The color of this photo is slightly dark and neutral, most likely because it was taken in nature. 

4.) The story that this photo tells is that sometimes being out in nature with good friends and being in a simple setting can ultimately be one of the best experiences one could have. It's almost as if this picture is showing that sometimes all one needs to do is connect with nature and create their own fun. A noun to name this photo would be: Nature

5.) This photo connects with Kathe Kollowitz's drawings because it shows people expressing themselves in the simplest form.